Woodhouse solutions

Solid timber constructions (CLT / MHM)

The technology for the production of plywood buildings can be divided into two: glued wood panels (CLT) and nailed wood panels (MHM).

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is an excellent and versatile building material that can be used as a wall, ceiling and roof panel together with other building materials. The CLT layers of finger-jointed material are glued together alternately perpendicularly, resulting in high load capacity in two directions. There are always an odd number of layers, 3, 5 or 7. The cross-layers provide a so-called locking effect, which ensures very good dimensional stability of the board in the event of changes in moisture and significantly reduces the negative effects of wood drying. CLT has no architectural restrictions, so CLT is increasingly used in the construction of private houses, apartment buildings, as well as industrial and commercial buildings.

MHM® (Massiv Holz Mauer in German) is a solid solid wood drywall element that is completely free of glue and chemical compounds. The result is excellent quality in terms of physical and biological properties. MHM panels are made of grooved wood layers. The purpose of the grooves is to achieve better heat and sound resistance of the structure with the help of the air accumulated there, in addition, in case of water damage, the structure dries quickly. The transverse fastening with aluminum nails creates very evenly strong constructions. Only technically dried wood is used for production to protect wooden structures from wood pests. The uniform and stable structure of the MHM® construction creates a great deal of use.