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Woodhouse Estonia is set to share the success story of Estonian wooden houses. We aim to inspire more people to discover the benefits of wood as a construction material and provide connections to manufacturers and and other partners.
This website will be a knowledge nest that ties together the various activities of the Estonian Wooden House Cluster and the Estonian Woodhouse Association.
At our competence center in Tallinn we present visitors with the history and best practices of Estonian wooden buildings.


Annika Kibus
General Manager
Eeva Vahtramäe
Head of Wooden
Houses Cluster
Elar Vilt
Development Advisor

Woodhouse Estonia

Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster

Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster was created in order to improve the international competitiveness, raise the added value and export turnover of cluster companies through international cooperation between companies, R&D and educational institutions in the fields of joint marketing, product development and competence building.

The specific goals of Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster

  • the increase of turnover
  • the increase of profitability
  • the increase of export turnover
  • the increase of the number of cluster organizations
  • the increase of productivity
  • the increase of added value
The leader organization of Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster is Estonian Woodhouse Association. At the moment, there are 25 organizations in the cluster (including 17 companies producing wooden houses).

Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster is supported by European Regional Development Fund through cluster development program of Enterprise Estonia in the frames of “Estonian Wooden Houses Exportcluster Project“.

The duration of the project’s IV period

(56 months)

The budget of the project’s IV period

1 199 964 EUR
(incl. 599 982 EUR support)