CLT house 'Jaapan' in Otepää, Estonia by Happy Home Majad

CLT house ‘Jaapan’ in Otepää

Jaapan house is special for its modern Japanese architecture. In the center of the building is a courtyard with an illuminated Japanese garden. The garden is surrounded by 3.75 meter high glass walls from floor to ceiling, which allow you to enjoy the beauty of the garden throughout the house and thus the garden is part of the interior. Innovative floor windows are used in the bathroom and SPA, which are private but still provide a lot of light.

Private house
Solid timber constructions

The layout of the house separates the living and sleeping areas, which provide seperation in the house and ensures better sound insulation. The sauna complex is also privately separated from the living quarters, providing silence and privacy.


Otepää, Estonia
Happy Home
Indrek Mäe
Net area:
235 m2