CLT house ‘Island’ in Viimsi

Island house is a spacious residence with high ceilings, large glass walls and a functional layout that combines everything that is valued in a modern home. Island consists of two house volumes. A modern gable roof without eaves and high gable ceiling, which includes living room and master bedroom block with a high ceiling and a lower sauna and children’s room block.

Private house
Solid timber constructions

The heart of the house is the living room, dining room, kitchen, with a ceiling height of more than 5 meters and is framed with a large glass wall that provides both light and space. A new window solution is planned next to the dining table, where window continues over the roof with a distinctive frame. As a smart solution, you can use an effective wooden rib in front of the glass wall, which offers privacy and protection from excessive sun.

Viimsi, Estonia
Happy Home
Indrek Mäe
Net area:
142 m2