Future is built from wood

People have used trees for construction since prehistory. In the last 30 years, technological developments have taken wood from its traditional roots to become the most innovative building material. Various mass timber products and pre-fabrication processes enable taller, safer and more efficient buildings which are healthy and aesthetically pleasing. When looking at the whole life-cycle of a building, wood is the most sustainable material choice by far.

Combined with sustainable forestry, wood is set to become the number one building material of the future.


Wood is the only renewable and carbon-neutral building material. Wooden houses can be built with less energy and will bind CO2.


Factory built wooden houses guarantee the highest construction quality, are lighter to transport and more efficient to erect.


Modern wooden houses meet the highest standards for fire safety and sound isolation. They also offer a healthy living environment.


There is no doubt – wood just looks good. It offers infinite possibilities to design spaces with unique visual and tactile qualities.

Wood is good for achieving climate goals

Wood is nice to touch and look at, but it is also renewable and energy efficient. There is hard evidence to prove that wood has a lot of advanatages.
1 min
the time it takes for the wood needed for a family house to grow back
There is no alternative material to timber
less time is needed to erect a wooden building
1000 kg
A cubic metre of wood contains around a ton of CO2


Arcwood office

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Helsinki Library Oodi

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Prefab advantages

High quality is ensured by using of certified materials and controlled production process in indoor conditions.
The off-site construction is fast and efficient and the negative influences from the weather are minimized.
The houses are produced and built by highly skilled specialists, who have extensive experience.
Proper documentation ensures an efficient process and avoids possible problems in the future.