Happy Home maja Island. Foto: Kristiina Vasar

Private house “Island” in Estonia

The Happy Home type house Island, located in a pine forest by the Mändjala beach, is a spacious detached house with a gable roof of modern architecture.

Private house
Engineering & architecture
Solid timber constructions

The house seems to consist of two parts. From the part with the living room and large bedroom with a pitched roof without eaves and a high ceiling, and from the lower zone where there is a spacious wardrobe, a children’s room and an office, in front of which is a covered terrace. The roof protects the rooms from excessive sun and provides shade from the rain on the terrace.

Wood has been used in both buildings in both interior and exterior finishes. Dark wood is used as the facade material, which allows the building to blend in with the surrounding environment. The terrace of the house and the insides of the projecting cornices are finished with impregnated wood, which is fixed with hidden screws. As a smart solution, a wooden rib is used in front of the large glass wall in the bedroom, which, in addition to its architectural purpose, also offers privacy and protection from the sun.

The interior architecture of the house is both zen and chic at the same time. The main keywords are warm and authentic materials and well-thought-out details, all of which were inspired by the wonderful beach area of ​​Saaremaa.

Saaremaa, Estonia
Happy Home Majad / HH Prefab OÜ
Indrek Mäe
Net area:
155 m2