The mission of activity of all Kodumaja companies are: To provide confidence and enjoyable cooperation in fulfilling your ambitions. What distinguishes Kodumaja companies: Specialisation in housing construction from prefabricated
modules with greater flexibility for our customers in project implementation and integration of customers’ wishes and requirements, as compared to our main competitors.

The main areas of activity of Kodumaja companies are: Design and construction of prefabricated wooden frame buildings.

Apartment building
Modular houses

“Treet” is a 14 – storey timber apartment building, which was completed in December 2015, Norway. With the height of
52,8 meter it was the tallest timber building in the world for years.

Treet is made of glulam truss system and integrated prefabricated building modules. All main load bearing structures in “Treet” are wooden: Glulam is used for trusses. CLT is used for elevator shafts and staircases. The building modules are made of timber frame work. Spruce is the main species used for the timber parts in this project. Two internal decks as well as the roof deck are made of concrete. Corten steel and glass is used in the façades.

Each building module/apartment complies with the passive house standard enacted by the Norwegian Standard NS 3700:2010.

The assembly of “Treet” is mostly about installing prefabricated elements on site. Optimizing the logistics and installation is important to get a smooth assembly. The building’s closeness to the sea made it possible to lift building modules almost directly from the cargo boat to the building site.

Bergen, Norway
Per Reigstad / Marina Trifkovic (Artec AS)
Kodumaja Projekteerimise OÜ
Net area:
5830 m2
Prefab House of the Year 2016