Guidelines for the Renovation of Apartment Buildings

In collaboration with the Estonian Rescue Board, a guide for fire safety solutions titled “Renovation of Apartment Buildings with Prefabricated Facade Elements” has been developed, which follows the guidance of “Fire Safety Solutions for Wooden Facades in the Renovation of Buildings up to 5 Stories.”

The focus of the guide is on renovating apartment buildings using prefabricated facade elements, with the particularity that external walls are covered with prefabricated timber frame panels.

With this new edition, existing fire safety solutions for renovating apartment buildings are extended to 9-story buildings as well, if they are not designed as high-rise buildings originally.

The guide emphasizes the use of wood and fire safety in the insulation and renovation of building facades. Its goal is to provide fire safety requirements with specific solutions within the framework of the regulations in force in Estonia.

The guide consolidates the basic requirements for wooden facades and offers standard solutions developed in collaboration with the Estonian Rescue Board.

The guide material was commissioned by the Woodhouse Estonia. This guide was prepared by Rait Pukk, with illustrations by Egle Vogt. Elar Vilt and Jaanus Pars contributed to its completion on behalf of Woodhouse Estonia. Erti Suurtalu provided the Estonian Rescue Board’s viewpoints and suggestions.

The preparation of the guideline was partially funded by the Estonian Wooden Houses Export Cluster project, which is funded through the EAS Cluster Programme by the European Regional Development Fund.