In spring, Räpina will become the hub of log construction

From May 23rd to 25th, log construction specialists from around the world will gather in Räpina and nearby. As part of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 main program, an international log building conference “Revitalizing Heritage” will take place.

Woodhouse Estonia invites enthusiasts and professionals in log construction – craftsmen, engineers, architects, experts – to visit Southern Estonia and participate in the International Log Building conference and cheer on the craftsmen participating in the competition for handcrafted log house builders. The conference will bring together specialists in the field, and the two-day program will offer various topics ranging from architecture and log building techniques to solutions for renovating old wooden buildings. Specialists from all over the world will be visiting, including Patrick Moore, a leader in stereotomy from Canada, timber construction master George Fuller from Norway, Jackson DuBois, the restorer of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris from the USA, architect Cathrin Berg-Heggenes from Norway, and many others.

The conference will be preceded by a week celebrating the heritage of log construction, during which various workshops related to log and timber frame construction will be held, and there will be opportunities to participate in pretour programs. For example, participants can explore the historical massive timber structures of Oleviste church and the references of Tallinn’s modern wooden buildings, visit house factories, and see various smoke saunas in Southern Estonia.

RMK õppeklass - Vipson Projekt OÜ käsitöö palkmaja. Foto: Maris Tomba
Handcrafted log house in Estonia by Vipson Projekt. Photo: Maris Tomba

The title of European Capital of Culture is a major event in Estonia, bringing new knowledge and learning opportunities through various events. “The same goes for the log construction conference and competition – this is the first gathering of its kind for the log building community in Estonia, where we offer meaningful programs, exciting thematic visits, and practical workshops to those interested. The overarching message of the Capital of Culture is to tell the story of the Arts of Survival. Log construction fits perfectly into this narrative. Through the conference, we aim to preserve and promote the art of building handcrafted log houses, the building traditions of our ancestors, and fragments of Southern Estonian culture. Everyone is welcome to be part of this,” commented Andrus Prangli, a board member of Hobbiton OÜ, the largest handcrafted log house building company in Estonia, on the importance of the conference.

The conference will conclude on Saturday, May 25th, with a craftsmanship competition where log house builders from Estonia and abroad will compete. Competitors will demonstrate speed and the best techniques in making the most important structural elements of a log house – the corner notch. The winner of the competition will be the one who completes the task in the shortest time and with the highest accuracy. This captivating competition will take place in the heart of Räpina, in the Räpina manor park, and is free for spectators to attend.

Conference tickets can be purchased through the organizer’s website: or from Piletilevi.

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The log building conference and competition are part of the Räpina Good Home Days, which is part of the main program of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024. The official language of the conference is English!