Woodhouse Estonia is headed by the heavy artillery of the sector!

Woodhouse Estonia elected the new management board and, in the next two years, the umbrella organisation will be headed by a management board with several new members. Instead of the previous five members, there are now seven representatives of companies involved in the field of prefabricated timber houses. Among others, the board includes the largest companies of the sector. Who are they and how are they planning to develop the organisation in the upcoming years?

The members of the organisation have long experience in the construction market and our production, Estonian prefabricated timber houses, is one of the largest sources of export income of Estonia. In spite of the challenging times, the exports of timber houses exceeded half a billion euros last year, which makes Estonia the largest timber house exporter in Europe. Woodhouse Estonia has set several high goals for the next few years, including to significantly increase the turnover of the sector – aiming for one billion euros – and to bring approximately 2,000 new qualified employees to the sector.

The management board has elected Martin Talts, board member and head of KMT Prefab OÜ, who has previously headed several compositions of the organisation as its chairman, and Alo Tamm, board member and CEO of Harmet OÜ, the largest module house producer of Estonia, as the vice chairman.

Martin Talts – KMT Prefab OÜ

Martin Talts assured that it is an honour for him to carry on in the management board of Woodhouse Estonia, now in the role of the chairman. ‘The Estonian timber house sector is very ambitious and we have a very active professional association which has created a decent growth and reputation building strategy in cooperation with all of its members. I have been consolidating various different market participants for decades: colleagues and competitors, as well as suppliers, service providers, and representatives of the authorities. The same work of binding the parties together must continue and I am very happy that my colleagues in the organisation and in the management board have entrusted me with this task.’

Alo Tamm said in the general meeting that even though the sizes and areas of operation of the different companies included in the organisation may differ quite significantly, they are largely faced with the same challenges – product development, increasing productivity, sustainability, and demand for labour force. ‘I believe that as a new member I will be able to bring new ideas to the management board and increase the importance of the organisation. Being part of Woodhouse Estonia must be an important sign of quality for the companies!’

Alo Tamm - Harmet OÜ
Alo Tamm – Harmet OÜ

There are more new members of the management board. Indrek Rehme (Kodumaja) will focus the management board’s attention on the issues of competitiveness in export markets and increasing our advantages; Lauri Tuulberg (Welement) has taken up the role of increasing the productivity of construction works – the automation and digitalisation of the processes. Priit Kallas (Iglucraft), who has a lot of experience in marketing and brand building, will help the sector create its strategic image. Previous board members Siim Leisalu (Timbeco) and Andrus Prangli (Hobbiton) will carry on working on issues, such as qualified labour force in the sector and the preservation of traditional construction methods (log houses).

The management board as a whole will work in the name of increasing the export and productivity of the sector as a result of working together. Thereat, one of the priorities is the formation of a sector-specific field of education, as we will need at least 2,000 new employees for the sector for the companies to grow.

The composition of the management board of Woodhouse Estonia for 2023–2025:

  • Martin Talts (KMT Prefab OÜ) – Chairman of the Board
  • Alo Tamm (Harmet OÜ) – Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Siim Leisalu (Timbeco Woodhouse OÜ)
  • Indrek Rehme (Kodumaja AS)
  • Lauri Tuulberg (Welement AS)
  • Andrus Prangli (Hobbiton OÜ)
  • Priit Kallas (Iglucraft)

Woodhouse Estonia is the umbrella organisation of the sector, bringing together the companies involved in the production and construction of prefabricated timber houses. The organisation was established in 1999. Currently, the organisation includes all largest house factories as well as the main delivery chain and cooperation partners of the sector. At this point, the organisation consists of 69 companies, including 37 main members – producers of modular and element houses, producers of handcrafted and manufactured log houses, manufacturers of CLT buildings and garden houses, architects and engineers.