Danish developers visited Estonian top-notch woodhouse factories

On 8-10th June Woodhouse Estonia and Trade Estonia hosted Danish delegation of architects, contractors and developers in Estonia. We opened doors of 4 Estonian superfactories:

Arcwoodhaving invested into the newest CNC technologies and state of the art machines, Arcwood is committed to produce CLT to the highest degree of exactness.

Harmet –  largest prefabricated modular house producer in Estonia, operating in 3 factories. Biggest facotry in Kumna can produce approximately 130 000m2 in a year.

Kodumajasecond largest prefabricated modular house producer in Estonia, who has delivered the most complex solutions modularly.

Welementthe most advanced offsite manufacturer, who has harnessed the latest technology and IT systems.

We also took the delegation to see some references, to showcase what and how it is possible to build future cities. One of the most architecturally attractive reference was Saue municipality building, where Saue major also emphasised that is important to bear in mind while making a new buildings, that it needs to support intelligent and some times even individual work culture.

Taani delegatsioon vastvalminud neljakordse puidust kortermaja ees. Foto: Karl Markus Antson
Danish delegation visiting Estonian first CLT apartment building. Photo: Karl Markus Antson

Delegation had a chance also to step in a new 4-storey CLT apartment building in Põlva and Timbeco Woodhouse showed closely one of pilot projects of reconstructional project, where old apartment building is fully renovated with prefabricated timber frame elements.

One of our aims with the trip was to provide knowledge and insights from prefabricated woodhouse industry leaders. But as well establish contacts to promote all together timber building in Denmark.

Thank you Enterprise Estonia and Embassy of Estonia in Copenhagen for co-organizing the event!

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Taani delegatsioon Harmeti tehases. Foto: Karl Markus Antson
Danish delegation in front of Harmet factory. Photo: Karl Markus Antson