Arca Nova Element has been producing building elements for almost 20 years. The main products are private houses and apartment buildings.

Thanks to the great flexibility of the element system and the 35 years of experience of Norwegian engineers, our designer can always find a suitable solution according to the customer’s wishes and needs. As this system is reliable and well-developed with our customers, we hope to help even the most demanding customer. We have mainly marketed our products in Norway.

Apartment building
Element houses

In Verkshagen you can move into a new home in Fredrikstad with very little maintenance. The house does not need to be painted and you can spend time with the family instead. On the roof, your home produces its own energy needs. The money you save can be used for other things. If you want to travel away, just lock the door, and the house and garden are practically suitable even with low maintenance, and you can monitor and control the home with your phone.

Norway. Verksbyen Fredrikstad
Frogner Arkitektkontor, architect Mats Bjørklund