Overall winner and best apartment building of the Prefab House of the Year 2023 contest. Apartment building in Norway by Kodumaja. Photo: HTS media/Tom Antonsen

Kvartal 25 apartment building in Norway

The building ‘Kvartal 25’ is located in the center of Bodø and consists of two partially underground floors with park lot, storage rooms, and commercial spaces. From the 1st to the 6th floor, there is an apartment building constructed using timber frame roomelements (modules). The facades of Kvartal 25 feature various pastel-colored materials, and the apartments themselves are bright, spacious, and in light colours. The apartment building stands out from the surrounding buildings – underneath it lies an old Nazi-era bunker, which has been restored and is now open to visitors.

Apartment building
Modular houses

The building has various facade materials – Cembrit, Steni and wooden cladding. Vertical wooden cladding treated with oil has been used in the walls of glazed balconies. The complexity of the facade lies in combining different materials and making the connections between them. Glass-aluminum railings have been installed on the balconies and terraces.

The building comprises 64 one to three-bedroom apartments ranging in size from 26 to 114 square meters. In the building’s courtyard, there is a barbecue area, a Boccia court, a children’s playground, and bicycle parking spaces. All apartments have separate balconies or terraces, extending the living space. Most balconies have a fully retractable balcony glass system to enable year-round use. Upper-floor apartments have views of the fjord. Small one-room apartments have been thoroughly planned. Apartment buyers receive a smartly planned and partially furnished apartment with space-saving and functional fold-down beds, sofas, and dining tables.

To improve factory readiness and construction site efficiency, various parts of the building were maximally assembled into one building module. Room elements (modules) consist of living spaces, balconies, a part of the indoor corridor in front of the apartment, and a rooftop terrace. The construction of various parts into a single module presented complex construction and acoustics challenges.

Bodø, Norway
GNIST Arkitekter AS
Net area:
3394 m2
Prefab House of the Year 2023 - Overall winner and Best apartment building