Harmet OÜ - apartment buildings in Sweden

Apartment building development in Sweden

Apartment buildings that is close to nature with wooden facades. This is also one of the largest Harmet’s project. A balanced overall solution – alternating higher and lower buildings, parking spaces, charging points for electric bicycles, playgrounds – a family-friendly solution.

Apartment building
Modular houses

Only calibrated wood is used in the construction of the building. While stairwells in wooden houses are usually built of stone, this project also has wooden elevator shafts and walkways.

There is a noise barrier wall on the side of the house to reduce the noise load on the courtyard and the balconies of the apartment adjacent to the street. Glass openings are installed in the noise wall to reduce the massiveness of the wall and the blackout caused by the wall.

Malmö, Sweden
Boklok Fastinghet AB
Thorn Engineering; Harmet
Net area:
17200 m2