Foto: Lofotposten

Kabelvåg apartment building in Norway

Four apartment buildings have been fitted into the natural environment with great views. The quarter is built according to the same handwriting, and there are well-thought-out solutions for buildings as well as car parking and utility rooms. With the use of modular solutions, the construction period was reduced to a very short time, and the inhabitants of the neighboring plots were thus very little disturbed.

Apartment building
Modular houses

The apartments are intended for smaller, young families and families who have lived in houses before, but do not want to have a large household in their old age. The apartments have 1-3 bedrooms, each apartment has a balcony facing the sun and the sea. A lot of wood was used in the exterior decoration. The interior finish is a combination of modern painted surfaces and finish-board solutions installed using the dry method.

Kabelvåg, Norway
TEMPT Arhitektid
Martin Ojamaa, Karel Koitla
Net area:
1535 m2
Prefab House of the Year 2022 - Best Development project and Special prize by Tyvek