Tööriistad - Vanaajamaja kursus. Foto: Vanaajamaja
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Vanaajamaja NGO

NGO Vanaajamaja (Old Times House) was born in 1998 as a nonprofit, educational organization. We are dedicated to establishing training programs, disseminating information, and generally serving as a center of Estonian traditional building and log house renovation for the professional and general public alike.

We participate in traditional building projects all over the world in order to promote disappearing traditional building skills and to learn from the best practices of other cultures and crafts.

  • Workshops – our course calendaris full of exciting training possibilities in traditional building starting from 1-day refresher courses and info seminars  ending up with full 10-day hands on practical logbuilding courses for Estonian speaking participants.
  • Councelling – before you take any irreversible steps with your old farmhouse, we strongly recommend you to think, measure, and search for the background in order to preserve the authenticity of your old house
  • Community projects – as part of our work each year, Vanaajamaja organizes a community project during which a team of international volunteers builds or restores an old building that has some significance for the local community.
Vanaajamaja NGO
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