Töötuba “Traditional French Scribing”

Woodhouse Estonia koos heade partneritega korraldab rahvusvahelise palkehituse konverentsi raames erinevaid temaatilisi töötube ja praktilisi kursuseid. Töötoad toimuvad inglise keeles!

Three master timber framers and camrades – Will Gusakov, Miles Jennes and Hank Silver – will join to give a course, share experiences and know how in woodwork, and spread the life style as a carpenter. All three has been building up historical roof structures of the nave of Notre Dame de Paris during the last year and got once in a life time experiences in building carpentry from all over the world during their journey. It will be a historical workshop full of joy and freindship in carpentry!

With three tutors it is possible to extend the group up to 12 participants – so there are some more places available!

We’re inviting you to a five-day Traditional French scribing workshop in Estonia. This program is sure to provide an excellent opportunity to sharpen and expand your carpentry and timber framing abilities in both theory and practice within an international group of carpentry enthusiasts. Participants will learn how to hew timbers, scribe the beams with scribe rule method, cut joints with saws and chisels, make a mortise and tenon, and use a plumb bob in the traditional French way. The building object is purely unique – it’s a tower for small orthodox church.

The workshop belongs to the main program of International Log Building Conference bringing log house builders and enthusiast all over the world to South Estonia (Räpina). We warmly recommend to expand your stay to take part of pre-conference tours, meet professionals on the conference venue or see the competition for log house builders.

27.-31.juuni 2024
Vanaajamaja MTÜ