Töötuba “Clay plaster on a log wall”

Woodhouse Estonia koos heade partneritega korraldab rahvusvahelise palkehituse konverentsi raames erinevaid temaatilisi töötube ja praktilisi kursuseid. Töötoad toimuvad inglise keeles!

Workshop: Clay plaster on a log wall

Woodhouse Estonia organizes an International Log Building Conference: Revitalizing Heritage.

The conference provides a great opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge with professionals in log house construction, designing, and renovation. Participants also have the chance to enhance their expertise in log construction by taking part in practical workshops.

Eestimaaehitus is organizing special thematic workshop “Clay plaster on a log wall” as a side event. The workshop is suitable for people who have no previous experience with clay plaster as well as people who already have some experience and wish to receive further training. We welcome especially people from abroad who plan to visit the International Log Building Conference.

Workshop “Clay plaster on a log wall” focuses mainly on application methods. In this 2-day practical workshop we will cover all the necessary basics of why, how, and where to use clay plaster. We will talk about different base surfaces, various clay plasters, reinforcement, finishing, and maintenance.

We will work on specially prepared sample boards, stands and wall surfaces. Participants are free to take the results of their experimentations with the materials with them. Any materials necessary for further independent experimentation can be purchased at a discount price set for the participants of the workshops.

UKU Pure Earth supports the training with materials.

20.-21.mai 2024
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