Estonian Woodhouse Association: A potential partner in solving Ireland’s housing crisis

Estonia’s leading figures in the woodhouse industry showcased their innovative solutions to the pressing housing crisis in Ireland. The Estonian delegation, including esteemed members such as Andres Sutt, a member of the Estonian Parliament, and H.E Ambassador Ms. Kairi Künka, met with Irish officials and industry leaders to discuss potential collaborations and learn about local challenges and strategies.

Estonia, renowned for its expertise in the woodhouse sector, is home to some of Europe’s leading producers of modular buildings. These manufacturers have decades of experience and are well-equipped to fulfill various market requirements. The visit by the Estonian delegation, organized by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was not only an opportunity to offer solutions but also a significant learning experience. The delegation gained valuable insights into Ireland’s unique challenges, regulatory environment, and systems related to housing and construction.

Woodhouse Estonia - Iirimaa kontaktreis 2023
Annika Kadaja (General Manager of Woodhouse Estonia) presenting Woodhouse Estonia and Estonian timber building sector to Irish partners.

During the visit, the delegation engaged in key discussions with Irish counterparts, like Irish Land Development Agency, Housing Agency, Construction Industry Federation etc. The Estonian woodhouse sector’s ability to offer quick, environmentally friendly, and customizable housing options was at the forefront of these discussions. “Our goal is to bring our expertise in modular building technology to Ireland, offering a solution that is not only rapid in construction but also sustainable in the long term,” said Ms. Annika Kadaja, General Manager of Woodhouse Estonia.

Importantly, the visit highlighted Ireland’s commendable initiatives and strategies in adopting modern construction methods. Ireland’s proactive approach towards embracing innovative and sustainable building techniques aligns well with Estonia’s advanced modular building technologies. As Ireland grapples with a growing housing shortage, the expertise and experience of Estonian companies on other foreign markets, like in Scandinavia and UK, could play a crucial role in addressing this challenge, complementing Ireland’s ongoing efforts.

The visit concluded with a series of productive meetings, laying the groundwork for future collaborations. Both Estonian and Irish officials expressed optimism about the potential impact of Estonian modular building technologies in alleviating Ireland’s housing crisis. As Estonia continues to lead in innovative woodhouse construction, its role in shaping global housing solutions becomes ever more significant, benefiting from the shared knowledge and experiences with countries like Ireland.

Woodhouse Estonia - Iirimaa kontaktreis 2023
Estonian delegation in Ireland

Estonian Woodhouse Association would like to express gratitude for our dear Ambassador in Ireland, Ms Kairi Künka from Estonian Foreign Ministry for leading and organizing the business mission. As well, we would like to thank Liisi Kirschenberg from Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Miriam Tuomey from Dublin Chamber for organizing the seminar.