First time in Estonia – a virtual wooden house was introduced in Mektory

Nordic Houses and Downtown Visuals in co-operation with Tallinn Technological University’s (TTU) modern Estonian knowledge transfer center Mektory took the introduction of real – estate in virtual reality to the next level.

It is a virtual tour, possible to walk through wearing virtual reality glasses. It is the most perfect virtual tour ever created based on a pre-fab house produced in Estonia. Besides the fact that you can see your future home in virtual reality, it is also made special by the fact that there are many interactive functionalities integrated into it. For example it is possible to change interior and exterior materials, there is a possibility to walk around outdoors and then go indoors. It enables the client to experience the space and understand it better before their future home is built. In co-operation with Mektory virtual laboratory we provide a detailed overview of Nordic Houses virtual tour and invite all participants to enter the virtual reality themselves.


In co-operation with TTU Mektory virtual laboratory a detailed overview of Nordic Houses virtual tour was given and all guests were invited to enter the virtual reality by themselves. A tripartite co-operation agreement between Mektory, Nordic Houses and Downtown Visuals was signed at the event in order to find new innovative solutions in co-operation of entrepreneurship and science.


Downtown Visuals representative Kristjan Tõlk said: “Dealership of the world’ s most luxurious sports car McLaren is using the same game engine solution to introduce their cars. But we have to offer an inside and outside space, the solution of which is several times more complicated than that of cars.”


Sales Director of Nordic Houses, Margus Pauts, praised the activity and added that wood is a 21st century building material and houses are sold differently in the 21st century – for example through virtual reality. “If a sample house has not been built yet and a client wants to buy it, then it is difficult to make a decision based on technical drawings and pictures. But imagine that you could “enter the picture”, look around and with one touch of a finger change the entire floor or wall material or paint the house – you can do that with our Nordic Compact house now,” added Pauts.


Nordic Houses engineer – project manager Sigrit Link hopes in co-operation with Downtown Visuals to add different engineering technical possibilities to the virtual reality. “As one example of many of possible developments, smart house and sustainable energy solutions, where the client can virtually see their future home visually and also changes in building costs,” added Link.


Nordic Houses is a producer of timber-frame houses, that has built nearly 2000 homes in the last 15 years, mainly in the Nordic countries.


Downtown Visuals is a 3D architectural visualization bureau.


Mektory is Tallinn Technological University’ s modern knowledge transfer center. 

12.10.2016 / News