Business areas: Дома из бревен Садовые домики

Tene Kaubandus OÜ (Grupotene) produces various wooden products that include log chalets, log sheds, log cabins, gazebos and awnings. This list will also be enlarged by a number of products and additional accessories related to these products.

Tene Kaubandus OÜ started its production in 1999 in its Estonian plant. By now, more than 12 years of experience has helped the company to become one of the leading producers in Europe; the company’s annual production volume exceeds up to 15 000 units that include products with floor areas from 4 to 150 m² and with wall thicknesses between 28 to 70mm. 98% of our products are exported to other countries. After 12 years of activity and thanks to our loyal customers, we now have representatives in Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Canada, USA and even in Australia.

Our plant’s surface area is more than 22.000 m² and in its automated environment working 60 specialists who have received training in various fields related to the manufacture of timber products. We use high-tech machinery in every stage of our production. Thanks to the high-quality standards ensured by the automated system, we can also provide a real warranty for the construction of our product.

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