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AS Saare Erek is an Estonian capital based entreprise that was founded at the year 1990. Besides the wooden house manufacturing the company is active in construction work, construction material wholesale and manufacturing of construction materials on the island Saaremaa. Saare Erek has intogether over 100 employees.
The company started the wooden house export  at the year 2013, when the first 25 houses were sent to Germany. The manufacturing has grown from that on to 200 houses in January 2015 and continues to expand when time passes by. Besides Germany new markets are Great Britain and the Netherlands. Active marketing has been made in Finland, France and China, where the first houses will be sent in January 2015.
The main advantage of the company is its quick growth – it has grown from practically zero to 200 houses in one and a half year, the aim of 2015 is already 400 wooden houses in a month.
Saare Erek manufactures its wooden garden houses under its trademark Saaremaa Houses. The main wall thicknesses are 28, 44 and 70 mm. When there will be demand for other house types from new markets, the company can be flexible – all will be done, to manufacture the wooden house the customer desires the most. 

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