Business areas: Handcrafted Log Houses

The mission of Hobbiton Home OÜ is to value handicraft in wooden house building traditions.

Our entreprise connects three handcrafted log home production companies Hobbiton OÜ, Saulerman OÜ and Snekker OÜ. Our production network makes us probably the biggest handcrafted log house producers, at least in Europe.

Hobbiton OÜ started its activity in spring 1997, the other two companies a bit later. By more than 13 years existence we have alltogehter delivered more than 350 bigger and smaller wooden house sets. Our main market has been Norway but we have also sold log houses to Estonia, Finland, France, Russia, Spain, the United States, and to Martinique in the Carribean.

Achievement of our customers’ satisfaction through professional attitude has always been the main goal of workers in Hobbiton Home OÜ. We have learned different building techniques from excellent international specialists like George Fuller from the Norwegian School of Log Building and Joel McCarthy from the Timber Framers Guild. One of our company owners Andres Uus is partly working as log house building teacher in the Estonian University of Life Sciences and in the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy.

Our board members have been active in development of log house industry in Estonia and elsewhere. We are members of the Estonian Wooden Houses Association and the International Log Builders Association.

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